Carrie L. Galvan

Ready to listen.

I’m excited to announce that I’m seeking election to the At-Large seat on the Boone City Council, representing all Boone residents. Since moving to Boone five years ago, I’ve seen our community grow and change and I’ve heard the publicly and privately voiced concerns of Boone residents. One sentiment continues to surface repeatedly: residents want to be heard, acknowledged and respected. People want their representatives to listen to and act on their concerns. With my background in public health and data analytics I will bring new energy and problem-solving skills to city government to address your concerns. I look forward to meeting you and listening to you with fresh ears.

This fall, Carrie L. Galvan is seeking election to the At-Large seat on the Boone City Council. Carrie graduated from Simpson College with a degree in biology and religion and will complete her Master of Business Analytics degree from Iowa State University this spring. She is employed by 340Basics, a software company that provides pharmaceutical program management solutions to hospitals and clinics across the nation. She lives in Boone with her husband, Joseph, and their three dogs. Carrie is originally from Titonka, a small rural town in northern Iowa and Joseph was born and raised in Boone. Carrie enjoys classic cars, gardening and putting her skills and knowledge to work for our community through volunteer service. She has served on the board of directors for the State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa since 2009. During her tenure at the Boone County Hospital she served on the Pharmacy Services Committee for 340B Health, the leading national advocate & resource for hospitals that serve their communities by participating in the 340B drug pricing program.